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Vib is a leading provider of the industry’s most advanced vibration analysis equipment, providing real- time analysis for a range of industrial machinery. Our innovative suite of diagnostic tools can now allow remote analysis of a facility’s equipment from a centralized location, enabling more efficient diagnosis of existing operations. Motor current analysis is a big part of what we do. Here’s how it works.

Predictive maintenance technology has advanced right along with heavy industry. As industrial machinery becomes larger and more sophisticated, we progressively rely on its uninterrupted operation, and the need to reduce downtime has become more important. Diagnostic tools like vibration analysis can determine a machine’s current state of health and can predict when it will need maintenance. This greatly enhances industrial efficiency, over the whole range of industry where heavy equipment is used and represents a big part of a modern facility’s ability to keep operations continuous and optimally productive.

Vib offers comprehensive predictive capabilities, with added features like remote analysis from a centralized location, capable of continuous real-time analysis for a number of different locations, and allowing one company to manage and coordinate operations for all of their branches. Now a company can have an ongoing diagnosis of all machine operations in all facilities in one data readout, reducing labor costs, onsite visits and local testing, and duplication of services. Known as Project Wireless, Vib is pleased to offer this online comprehensive motor analysis tool.

Vib has been working in tandem with heavy industry since 1918, solving problems before they occur and keeping things running smoothly. We continue to innovate and find the most comprehensive and effective solutions for ongoing maintenance, offering not only the vibration analysis equipment, but  sophisticated infrastructure options like project wireless. If you want to keep your machinery in top form, talk to Vib today.