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Condition Monitoring Services and Products
VSC has been the industrial partner for preventing machinery failures and unnecessary repairs since 1918. Since then, VSC has remained the trusted leader in predictive maintenance by developing and using the most modern technologies for advanced problem detection and resolution.

About Us
VSC has been the industrial partner for preventing machinery failures and unnecessary repairs since 1918. In fact, VSC's history includes helping to pave the way for the Industrial Revolution with such customers as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

We offer complete services including all of today's predictive and diagnostic technologies and skills.

Rotor Balancing
VSC's field rotor balancing and services center.

Rotor Balancing - Field
VSC can balance rotors in their own bearings or on our fleet of portable balancing machines. Our balancing machines are available for on-site balancing throughout the world for rotors weighing up to 400,000 lbs.

Rotor Balancing Service Center
Our Balancing Center's 86 year history of premier precision balancing continues as we exceed the most stringent tolerances down to micro ounce-inches.

Machine Alignment
Advantages of machine alignment include Longer machine life expectancy, Energy Savings, Reduced Maintenance Costs, Increased Equipment Uptime and Decreased Unscheduled Downtime.

Laser Alignment
VSC's broad experience with a variety of techniques, including laser alignment, provide you with the knowledge that can turn your unit into a smooth running machine. We also provide thermal growth studies used to verify “hot” alignment conditions.

Optical Alignment
Optical aligntment is employed to provide precision alignment between paper mill rolls, multiple bearings along a shaft, machinery beds, and printing press rolls.

Marine Services
VSC provides ABS certified Condition Monitoring services enabling shipboard machinery to operate beyond ABS's imposed five year repair cycle.

Vibration Analysis
VSC’s state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic techniques predict problems well in advance of breakdown, reducing unexpected downtime and repair costs. This approach improves equipment reliability, while eliminating the stress associated with obsolescent reactive maintenance programs.

Route Collection
VSC personnel can periodically conduct vibration surveys on your equipment to identify maintenance problems well in advance of failure. We can analyze the data on the spot providing your maintenance team with immediate feedback on recent repairs.

Remote Analysis
For over twenty years, VSC has provided hundreds of customers around the globe with advanced Condition Monitoring programs at a fraction of its normal cost. We bring 86 years of expertise in condition monitoring along with advanced hardware and software that relieve customers of the most daunting aspects of any program.

Real Time Analysis
VSC pinpoints specific faults within a machine. Our experienced professionals evaluate each machine using different techniques, such as Traditional Vibration Analysis, Transfer Functions, Envelope Analysis, Resonance Testing, and Motor Current Analysis, to provide extensive machinery analysis on all customer equipment.

Motor Current Signature Analysis
Our periodic MCSA program detects motor faults such as broken/cracked bars as well as problems with the high resistance joints on any ac induction motor. Our advanced software indicates the probability and severity of these faults, while trending values to give ample time to schedule the repair.

Web Deflection System
The Web Deflection system measures crankshaft distortion due to bearing misalignment and enables corrective action prior to shaft or bearing failure.

Information Request
Contact information gathered by VSC using this form will be held in strictest confidence and will never, ever be transferred to any other party than our appointed sales reps.

Technical Support
Welcome to the VSC Tech Support page. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to answer any of your questions and take care of all your concerns.

Technical Papers
A listing of PDFs discussing precision alignment, vibration analysis, vibration monitoring, predictive maintenance and a vibration severity chart.

Case Studies
A listing of PDFs of motor-fan case studies.

A listing of PDFs of downloads for vibration severity chart and machine diagnostics case history.

Infrared Software
Thermal image analysis software gives you the right tools for your job. It gives you automated reporting with Fast Report Mode and ImageMaster.

Continuous Monitoring Products
VSC's professional services and advanced products provide valuable knowledge of machinery conditions. Through the use of continuous monitoring, fault sources are detected well in advance of failure, turning maintenance from reactive to proactive.

Contact Information for Vibration Specialty Corporation
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Philadelphia, PA 19115
E-mail vsc@vib.com
Tel 215-698-0800
Fax 215-677-8874

Infrared Thermography
VSC’s thermographic analysis detects abnormal temperatures that may signify corrosion, damaged wiring, loose connections, and/or insulation breakdown. This vital information alerts customers in advance of problems, reducing repair costs and increasing operating time.

Vibration Analysis Training
VSC can provide expert training in vibration analysis, as well as all predictive disciplines, such as infrared, balancing and ultrasonic.

VSC Training
We conduct our training at your location or our facility to meet your schedule. Each course can be conducted for up to ten students with one instructor.

VSC Course Agendas and Descriptions
A description of agendas and descriptions for training courses from VSC.

VSC Course Agendas and Descriptions
Training classes on Dynamic Balancing, Machinery Vibration Analysis and Data Management.

Heat exchangers, compressors, and valves are just a few examples of how ultrasonic inspections can detect leaking gases or fluids. Our periodic testing catches problems early to help you maintain peak productivity.

Predictive Maintenance
Customized online or periodic monitoring programs accurately predict mechanical problems on rotating machines. VSC uses the latest technology, computer analysis, and trending to identify specific faults before a breakdown, enabling the convenience of scheduled repairs.

VSC's engineering department is comprised of Noise and Vibration Control. We are the first company to implement an active control device for resolving resonant floor vibration in buildings. We continue to seek the latest techniques and technologies to resolve all of your noise and vibration issues.

Vibration Control
It is not often VSC is called upon to put vibrations in; the problems mostly consist of taking them out.

Noise Control
Noise is often created by machinery. VSC can attenuate and/or dampen these annoying disturbances using many techniques. VSC can also analyze your plant for OSHA compliance or perform studies to bring your locations into compliance.

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring incorporates vibration measurements to assess machinery health.

Vibration Analysis Products
Vibration analysis is used to monitor critical rotating machinery and to determine the effects it has on this machinery.

SV3X Data Controller
At every step of the way, the SV3X™ makes it easy for you. The data you collect are complete, accurate and consistent.

SpectraDec (4 Channel A/D FFT cards)
These are the actual A/D cards used in the SV3X. Installed into an expansion slot of a PC or docking station, the PC will have all of the 4-channel data acquisition power of the SV3X.

WinProtect Software
WinProtect manages the definition, acquisition, review, communication, and reporting of vibration and process data with an intuitive/productive user interface.

Training Software
We sell training software which will help an inexperienced vibration analyst become a better diagnostician faster than learning on the job, and will help an experienced vibration analyst sharpen his/her skills.

Remote Machinery Monitor
Even the most remote locations can now be connected through wireless cell networks at extremely high upload and download rates.

Event Monitoring
Finally you can capture vibration data for the ever elusive machinery shutdown.

Route Data Collector
There are tremendous advantages in collecting your machinery process and vibration data in a Route format.

Digital Tape Recorder
The SV3X eight (8) channel digital tape recording module adds a new dimension to machinery troubleshooting.

Roller Bearing Analyzer
The WinProtect software's enveloping technique accurately determines the condition of roller bearings.

SV3X Toolbox
The basic SV3X balancing package consists of the SV3X, a four channel pigtail BNC adapter cable, phase reference marker, two single axis accelerometers with cabling to BNC connectors, reflective tape for marking the shaft and balancing software.

WinBalance Software
The PC-based WinBalance makes balancing and resolving balance-related problems easier over a broad range of situations and machines.

Balancing Products
VSC's balancing products include SV3X Toolbox and WinBalance Software.

Laser Alignment Systems
The S-650 Coupling Alignment System combines a laser-accurate, 5-axis, dynamic real-time measurement with innovative features, such as a robust, FM-based IR remote wireless communication and the largest, clearest color display of data and misalignment graphics available anywhere.

Infrared Thermography Products
Infrared examinations provide critical information on the condition of your electrical and mechanical equipment. Regular periodic inspections drastically reduce unexpected failures and downtime by detecting abnormal temperature patterns that may signify corrosion, damag wiring, loose connections, and/or insulation breakdown.

Infrared Camera
The THERMOviewer™ allows operators to inspect equipment, identify the smallest of problems, measure temperature, include audio documentation and listen for arching/tracking/ corona.