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VSC Video Case Studies

For over twenty years, VSC has provided hundreds of customers around the globe with advanced Condition Monitoring programs at a fraction of its normal cost. We have drastically cut the costs of these programs by teaming with our customers. We bring nearly a century of expertise in condition monitoring along with advanced hardware and software that relieve customers of the most daunting aspects of any program. Our customers need only provide the man power to collect the data. This simple shift in philosophy decreases program costs by 50-75% resulting in enormous savings for our customers.

Most of our customers saw great maintenance efficiencies by establishing condition monitoring programs however found it difficult to justify due to the tremendous on going costs. Our efficient and effective approach to condition monitoring has turned their maintenance programs around placing them on the offensive against the slightest mechanical fault instead of on their heel inundated with machinery failures.

The advantage to this type of analysis regimen is that there is minimal training required to take data. However, training in-house personnel to examine this critical data comes at a tremendous cost. How effective will the results be? How do you continue the program when personnel move on? Training replacements repeats the training cost and the learning cycle. Skills are rarely fully developed when personnel are not fully dedicated. Therefore, the programs effectiveness is severely compromised, and the cost of maintaining the program remains elevated.

VSC has provided this service for over 250 plants throughout North and South America. We even analyze data remotely for ships at sea. All the data is promptly analyzed and reported. The service is provided by engineers who have extensive years of field experience in machinery analysis. VSC is dedicated to providing its nearly 100 years in condition monitoring to rapidly identify and resolve all of your machinery problems. Expert machinery analysis is not inexpensive unless you do it remotely with VSC.

Remote Vibration Analysis

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