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VSC Video Case Studies

VSC pinpoints specific faults within a machine. Our experienced professionals evaluate each machine using different techniques, such as Traditional Vibration Analysis, Transfer Functions, Envelope Analysis, Resonance Testing, and Motor Current Analysis, to provide extensive machinery analysis on all customer equipment. Our technical reports thoroughly document specific problems by citing FFT Spectrums, Time Waveforms, Thermagraphic Images, Orbit Analysis, etc., allowing customers to thoroughly remedy every problem.

Startup/Acceptance Testing
VSC protects your investment by evaluating new or reconditioned equipment before you accept it from the manufacturer. Our analysis compares your equipment’s health to the accepted industrial standards to ensure you receive a quality product. In addition, we create a baseline to evaluate the machine’s future health. This allows the realization of improved productivity and cost savings. In addition, VSC can advise you on appropriate equipment specifications before any purchase.

• Diagnose equipment problems prior to purchases/warranty expiration/shutdowns
• Ensure reliable equipment during production
• Reduce operational costs
• Establish predictive maintenance baseline
• Preclude acceptance of deficient equipment

When accepting new or repaired equipment or during equipment outages, time and money are crucial factors. Often corporations accept equipment thinking the warranty will protect their investment. This misconception leaves companies paying the ultimate price: lost production and unexpected downtime. Therfore, the preclusion of mechanical mishaps will prevent disruption of future production schedules.

Real-Time Analysis

Real Time Analysis