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Our Balancing Center's 86 year history of premier precision balancing continues as we exceed the most stringent tolerances down to micro ounce-inches. Our experienced staff's detailed understand of rotor dynamics ensures every element's balance deficiencies are satisfied. Whether it involves resolving a rotor critical or properly addressing the cross effect, each issue is solved with painstaking precision. In our center, we can balance virtually all rotors weighing from 1 gram to 20,000 lbs using one of our nine Schenck Trebel balancing machines.

Besides balancing, we can design and fabricate special adapters, tools, and fixtures in order to balance or repair your machinery. We also provide sandblasting, cleaning, rotor crack detection, special rotor speed testing and other pre- or post-balancing services. Our Precision Low Speed Balancing services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If necessary we can perform Low speed, On-Site Balancing with one of our eight portable balancing machines.

Low Speed Dynamic Balancing is essential to maintaining healthy equipment. VSC's precision and extensive balancing experience not only enriched Thomas Edison and Henry Ford’s inventions, but were also paramount to US national security by keeping the US Navy’s silent submarine propellers silent. VSC’s service center balancing capabilities are comprised of virtually every type of rotor, ranging from a few grams to over 200 tons. Our customers depend on us and cannot endure mediocrity. We demand the most stringent precision with tolerances to within 0.0007 ounce-inches. There is only one company with over 80 years of critical solutions for customers who demand excellence.


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