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Event Monitoring

Finally you can capture vibration data for the ever elusive machinery shutdown. Typically your critical machinery will shutdown due to excessive vibration but you do not have any data to analyze to determine whether there is a mechanical problem or just a problem with your vibration probes.

Now with up to four (4) seperate channels of data acquisition you can capture data from up to four probes such as two sets of prox probes on two seperate bearings. The Event Monitor captures five to ten minutes of data prior to the event, the event itself, and up to five minutes after the event. The Event Monitor is used not only during shutdowns but also when there is unexplicable random vibration that requires investigation. The event monitor is put in place. If there are no events the system captures a set of data on a certain interval while there are no events. This provides trending on up to twenty spectral peaks over time. Since the SV3X has over a 40 GB hard drive and can easily expand to a huge external hard drive there is virtually no limit to how long you can monitor your problem equipment.

Event Monitoring Module from VSC

Event Monitoring Module