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VSC is an industry leader in predictive maintenance products and services. We are proud to offer the latest in infrared thermography, web deflection testing, and vibration analysis equipment. These powerful tools, with their related software and our state-of-the-art services, make VSC your choice for twenty-first century predictive maintenance.

When big industry began to rely on continuous operations and large, complex components, predictive maintenance became a significant part of planning and budgeting ambitious projects. Gauging varying lifecycles for equipment and predicting when problems might occur requires analysis tools specific to a plant’s equipment. We have been working hand-in-hand with big industry since 1918 to reduce repair costs, extend equipment life cycles, and prevent production downtime.

Infrared thermography measures the current emission of heat from a piece of equipment against its past performance and determines its rate of change. As equipment deteriorates, it begins to emit more heat until a critical breakdown point is reached. Infrared thermography can determine if excess heat is caused by corrosion or component breakdown. Infrared thermography can also be used to measure heat loss from buildings, to determine their energy efficiency.

Web deflection measures crankshaft distortion due to bearing misalignment. Corrective action can be taken to prevent shaft or bearing failure. VSC’s web deflection processing unit comes with WebMap 2 for Windows and analysis software to measure minute deflections within crankshaft webs, and all testing data is recorded and digitally saved.

Vibration analysis measures the fitness of critical rotating machinery; by measuring the current level of vibration, one can determine if the machinery is out of alignment, unbalanced, if belts are worn or loose, or if gear teeth are worn or chipped. Vibration analysis can now be automated and move through a plant directed by remote control.

VSC is pleased to be a leader in advanced predictive maintenance products, and can provide you with the right analysis solution for your industry. Whether you need to inspect buildings, crankshafts, rotors, or other equipment, VSC has the tools, software and associated services to keep your equipment at optimum performance and production running smoothly.